After countless one-night stands and encounters with her regular fling, involving lots of fumbling but above all no orgasms, something finally snaps for Lou. She spills her guts to her housemate, Paulo, who films the conversation and puts it online. It goes viral. The response is huge. So Lou starts a research project, a sexperiment. She posts another film, declaring that she wants the best orgasm she has ever had, before the end of the year. As her quest begins, she asks the internet for tips and gives updates. Meanwhile, the weeks slip by. Will Lou succeed in having the orgasm of her life? And what effect will the sexperiment have on her friendship with Paulo?

Platform: VRT MAX

Year: 2022

Director: Olympia Allaert

Production: Hotel Hungaria

Casting: Sien Josephine Teijssen & Oi Mundo