A nuclear plant gets sabotaged during winter, and causes a nationwide blackout. The Belgian power grid is down and the nation relies on Prime Minister Annemie Hillebrand, the first female prime minister in Belgium, to handle this crisis.

What nobody knows, but we do know, is that moments before the blackout she received footage of her daughter Elke who appears to be held captive. The video comes with a message: “If the lights turn back on, your daughter dies.”

Annemie hesitates. She’s trapped between her sense of duty and the love for her daughter. But can she risk the life of her daughter in favour of the country? Annemie decides to let one person in on her secret: Michael Dendoncker, who is in charge of the Counter Terrorism Unit and investigating the sabotage of the nuclear plant.

His police inquiry will take place in a special world, a world where 11 million people are stuck in the cold dark winter without electricity, light or heating.

Platform: Eén/VRT

Year: 2019

Screenplay: Philippe de Schepper, Geert Verbanck, Bas Adriaensen

Director: Joël Vanhoebrouck

Production: Jonnydepony

Showrunner: Philippe de Schepper

Executive producer: Helen Perquy

Line Producer: Katrien Carton

Casting: Sien Josephine Teijssen


Met o.a. Sara De Roo, Geert Van Rampelberg, Lucas Van den Eynde, Ruth Becquart, Tom Van Bauwel, Nora Gharib, Michael Pas, Ikram Aoulad, Violet Braeckman, Mathijs F Scheepers, Louis Talpe, Mathieu Sys, Jelle De Beule en Anna de Ceulaer.