After a major catastrophe, a new society arises, Arcadia. Because scarcity prevails, a Citizen Score is introduced. We follow the life of a law-abiding family who, thanks to their high score, can live a good life. Everything changes when the father of the family is deported from Arcadia to the outside world. After all, he has committed fraud with the algorithm and the score of two of his daughters. His wife and four daughters receive penalty points that seriously lower their score.

Will the family survive this setback? What’s it like living with a score?

Year: 2023

Director: Tim Oliehoek

Production: jonnydepony

Producers: Helen Perquy & Philippe De Schepper

Coproduction company: Big Blue

Coproducer: Fleur Winters

Created by: Bas Adriaensen, Zita Theunynck & Philippe De Schepper

Writers: Bas Adriaensen, Zita Theunynck & Philippe De Schepper

Partners: VRT/Eén, NPO/KRO-NCRV, WDR/SWR, Belga Films Fund, VAF, Dutch Incentive and Screen Flanders

Casting Belgium: Sien Josephine Teijssen

Casting The Netherlands: Post Castelijn