Hercules & Love Affair – Are You Still Certain ft Mashrou’ Leila

About This Project

Director: Andy Butler
Production: Joie Iacono (Hoarder)
Casting Crazy Scientist by Sien Josephine

Andy Butler in Out Magazine:
“For a lot of people, faith and belief are the root of so many problems, so much so that there is more of stigma around believing today than not nowadays… We hear the argument that “faith” compels people to fly planes into buildings and blow themselves up in the middle of markets just as it put people on “divine” missions to plunder foreign lands and superimpose “superior” cultures on indigenous peoples. However, real faith also brings people together to greet each other in peace on a weekly basis, to listen to age old truths and lessons that run parallel in many cultures, and it prompts sincere self-reflection and growth in a lot of individuals. This song really tempers any notion of absolutism when it comes to truth.”

Music Video