Black Out – Eén (post production)

About This Project

When a nuclear plant is sabotaged, the power grid in Belgium crashes. Prime Minister Annemie Hillebrand is forced to prolong the blackout, otherwise her daughter – who has been kidnapped – will die. Can Michael Dendoncker of the counterterrorism unit, rescue the girl in a country that’s off the grid?

Currently: filming.

Zender: Eén

Scenario: Philippe de Schepper, Geert Verbanck, Bas Adriaensen

Regie: Joël Vanhoebrouck

Productie: Jonnydepony

Showrunner: Philippe de Schepper

Executive producer: Helen Perquy

Line Producer: Katrien Carton

Casting main & secondary roles: Sien Josephine Teijssen


Met o.a. Sara De RooGeert Van Rampelberg, Lucas Van den Eynde, Ruth Becquart, Tom Van Bauwel, Nora Gharib, Michael Pas, Ikram Aoulad, Violet Braeckman, Mathijs F Scheepers, Louis Talpe, Mathieu Sys, Jelle De Beule en Anna de Ceulaer.


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