Who we are. We are a team of casting directors, based in Antwerp (Belgium) with 10 years of experience in film, television, music videos and advertising. We strive for a professional but personal approach towards actors, directors and clients and we are always curious for new talent on both sides of the camera. We have a good knowledge of actors as well as the industry and are aware of a wide range of new and existing talent. We dispose of a positive and inclusive network of actors and actor’s agents in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.


More than 90% of directing a picture is the right casting – Martin Scorsese.


What casting is to us. Casting is an amazing process, because we’re taking somebody’s imagination and we’re giving it life through actors. This is what we call: the magic of casting. The goal of casting is to find the right people to tell a story. As storytelling is the common theme in all forms of media, casting is important because the characters onscreen are the first point of connection between the story and the audience. A good casting lasts forever.


Our values. As casting directors we have a passion for storytelling. We love watching actors grow during auditions and guide them to get the best out of themselves. We also love to hear about their own story and how they approach the role they audition for. We are aware of the important influence TV and film has on today’s social image. That’s why we make sure that we are involved in the narrative that’s being told. Part of casting is being aware about the effect the style of your casting has. The people that we choose to tell a story are important. That’s why with every project we like to think outside the box and be aware of the message we are giving.